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Mom Life

Being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom can be challenging but so rewarding. I share my parenting hacks (although I don’t think there are any real ones), experiences and thoughts on all things blended family, kids and pets.


We have been homeschooling for the last 3 years and I share my experiences, knowledge and resources. I don’t know it all but I have done tons of research and have lived experiences. I do talks on the British Curriculum and I am always willing to help.

Modern Woman

A modern woman can do it all, right? Well sometimes it’s difficult to keep all the balls up in the air and that’s okay. I believe in finding your tribe and building a safe place where you can lean on one another for support and encouragement.

“Never a failure, always a lesson” is my favourite quote. Even when things seem bad or tough and we don’t see the silver lining at the time, later on when we reflect we can see that there is always a lesson that we learnt.

I love quotes and you will often see them on my social media pages.


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